Ready to take your hair business to the next level?
Skip the hassle of wasting money and doing research to find great quality hair or branding products.
purchase our Vendor to help ease the hunt finding the hair vendor you need to start your business!
If you decide to purchase, the cost is $500. Head over to our shop section or type in Vendor List. 
List will download once order is accepted!! 

        All communication with the vendor must be done through WhatsApp. 
My Vendors offers: Wigs, Bundles, Custom wig tags, Silk wraps, Silk bags, Lashes, Bonnets, Full lace wigs, Color wigs, Bundle stickers, Aprons, Custom Bags and box and more..


9 comments "Exclusive Vendor List Only $500"

  • NeNe

    I must say I love this vendor and I thank you so much for making my job easier on looking for one with great quality hair its so amazing and my customers love it 💕

  • Dawnae

    This vendor is the bomb. Made my first purchase and the quality is so great,I didn’t have to wait too long to receive my order . Thanks again for your vendor.

  • Charelle

    BUY ITT! Best decision I’ve ever made! Amazing quality, fast shipping, great price. And they offer everything!! I will never need to buy hair from anyone again. I was nervous at first but so glad I bought it.

  • Candice ware

    People love to say “ do you own research.” When it comes to a vendor. I took a leap of faith and purchased this hair vendor and it hadn’t failed me!!!!! If you’re really hesitant about getting it, please do. The hair is extremely good. Holds curls, style and anything you can name of lol. Thanks Daisha for helping my small business.💕

  • Dominique

    I am an upcoming stylist and I found your page in the midst of me deciding to go to school so you are truly an inspiration to me! Buying this vendor has changed the game for me! I am confident in the product I’m buying and promoting before I’ve even made my first official sale. The vendor is so nice and easy to work with and the hair is perfect to start any company with! I can’t wait to see where I go from here!

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