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Ready to take your business to the next level? Ready to expand and shop new vendors? Starting a new business and want to save money by not wasting money on vendors that may not work for you?

We have lined up 5 of our top vendors who can and will meet your needs of hair and products.

We also threw in our wig cap vendor for free! 

All vendors on this list specialize in raw hair, but still offer Brazilian hair for a lower price.

When purchasing these vendors make sure you are asking for what you are looking for. Don’t be afraid to ask for pictures, price list, videos, reviews and more.

*Some vendors leave their position at companies over time and go to another or resign. Be sure to always check every so often to make sure they work for the correct company you have been working with.  Some vendors at companies also move up in position and someone else takes over their number at the factory so don’t be afraid to ask is this still “whoever it may have been”.

* We are not responsible or take the fault for a mishap with a company provided. Daisha has worked with al these companies previously and still does right now!

* We are not here to offer which one is the “BEST” but to simply give you options on good quality companies to help you cut out the middle man.



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